The Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope (HXMT) , named "Insight", is China’s first X-ray astronomy satellite. There are three main payloads onboard Insight-HXMT, the high energy X-ray telescope (20-250 keV, 5100 cm2), the medium energy X-ray telescope (5-30 keV, 952 cm2), and the low energy X-ray telescope (1-15 keV, 384 cm2). The main scientific objectives of Insight-HXMT are: (1) to scan the Galactic Plane to find new transient sources and to monitor the known variable sources, (2) to observe X-ray binaries to study the dynamics and emission mechanism in strong gravitational or magnetic fields, and (3) to find and study gamma-ray bursts with its anti-coincidence CsI detectors.

The deadline of the Insight-HXMT Cycle 3 guest observation program will be postponed


Insight-HXMT Announcement of Opportunity for Cycle 3 Proposals


Dear colleagues, I am pleased to invite you to respond to the 3th “Announcement of Opportunity” by submitting proposals for observations to be performed with the Insight-HXMT satellite. The Insight-HXMT Cycle 3 guest observation program is open completely to the whole international scientific community.
The Special Issue on Insight-HXMT is complete and available electronically on ScienceDirect


The Special Issue Performance and Early Results of China’s 1st X-ray Astronomy Satellite Insight-HXMT is now complete and available electronically on ScienceDirect.
Thank you, NuSTAR!


The Insight-HXMT team thanks the kind greeting from the NuSTAR science community and appreciates very much the many joint observations on black holes and neutron stars with NuSTAR and Insight-HXMT. Together, let's do more and better science!